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Hope for International Students: Opening Hours


During the 2020 lockdowns, St Tom's Hope coordinated a campaign that assisted International Students. The students fell through the gap when it came to financial assistance from Governments - though assistance did eventually come.
Many churches and organisations came together to provide food for a mini-market run out of St Thomas' Church. Students could freely choose from a range of food (fresh and non-perishable) and essentials items, such as toiletries. In addition, students were given a minimum of a $20 supermarket voucher for other items not in our store.

Hope for International Students: Welcome
Hope for International Students: Video


Our campaign finished up at the end of January 2021. When we started we did not envision helping so many students and others in great need during the lockdowns. At the height, we were assisting 200 people a week with weekly groceries and gift vouchers for supermarkets.
We are so very thankful for the many people, organisations and churches who partnered with us in order to help so many. We could not have done it with out the community backing this initiative.

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