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Aiding Afghani Refugees

Collecting for Afghani refugee families

Deep Creek Anglican church is helping to co-ordinate the settlement of over 2000 recently arrived refugees from Afghanistan. They are looking for donations of clothing and household goods to help them set up homes and lives, such as:

  • suitcases / bags

  • clothing - especially babies and children's clothes, demure long-sleeved dresses for women, raincoats

  • shoes - smaller men's and women's sizes, and kids'

  • doonas / blankets

  • sheets / doona covers / pillow-cases

  • towels / hand towels / washers

If you have any of these things to give away, we can arrange a pick-up or a time to drop them off at St Thomas Anglican Church. Please only donate things that clean and are in good repair as we do not have the capacity to mend items before we pass them on.

At present we are limiting ourselves to these things, but if you have larger items such as furniture or white-goods to offer, please let us know. Those and other things such as saucepans, crockery etc. may be needed down the track when the refugees move into their new homes.

If you are interested in contributing goods or financial donations, please fill out the form below or click "Support Financially".

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